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Search for Everything but a Letter

Question asked by philmcgeehan on Mar 18, 2014
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Search for Everything but a Letter


     I have a massive list of contacts, in a FileMaker Go layout for iPad, and, I have 28 buttons running along the footer to help the user find the contact they are looking for.

     Buttons [A] ... [Z] an [ALL] button and a [#] button.

     The A to Z buttons work very well and return all contacts that start with that letter.
     The All button works well, and returns all of the contacts,
     the # button, I want it to return all contacts starting with a number or any other punctuation character, such as brackets (parentheses), hyphens, dashes, et cetera.

     I can return contacts starting with numbers just fine, by performing a find with "#" as the criteria, but my question is, is there an operator that will return all characters, apart from letters; or, will I have to perform multiple searches with all the possible punctuation that a contact could start with.