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    Search for field name



      Search for field name



           I'm adding new fields to my database and want to know if fields I've already added have the same / similar name. 

           The only search/find I can see is for data rather than the field names themselves; is it possible to search for an existing field name, e.g. PatientName?

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               You might keep in mind that FileMaker will require that fields in the same table have unique names so this will only be an issue if you create two fields of the same name in different tables. If you employ some naming conventions so that you do not use extremely generic field names (Use EmployeeHireDate instead of Date, for example), you can greatly reduce the chances that you have two fields from different tables but with the same name.

               And FileMaker functions just fine with fields from different tables of the same name so it really is only to make it easier for developers that this is even an issue and perhaps not as big an issue as you might think since most references to a field either require the name of a table occurrence as well as the field or that additional name is a double click away.

               If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can generate a database design reprot and do a text search of it to find all uses of a particular name.