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Search for Product

Question asked by wimrippen on Nov 24, 2012
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Search for Product


     I have W7/FM12pro adv.

     Database: Companies and Products, related both side on Company field.

     I can now do a Find/Perform Find based on Product-field  is Tomatoes, then I see all companies growing Tomatoes.

     but I have to type it all the way to get a portal listing or View Mode  Browsing,  THAT WORKS FINE !


     I like to have: (as example):

     Fill in a "search" field,under the top/header of a Tab/Portal  and use that value on that field to make a filtered Portal.

     So Tomatoes , I see the Tomato companies in the Portal

     if search field "Apples", I see all companies growing Apples in the Portal

     How to make  such search field??

     Thanks William.