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    Search for records by entering multiple values in search field



      Search for records by entering multiple values in search field


      I'm using Filemaker 10 Adv and am new to Filemaker.


      The DB I am moving from allows a search by entering multiple values in a field separated by commas such as 123, 456, 789 returning exact matching records containing this data.


      Is there a similar method to accomplish this type of search in filemaker?


      We often must search the database for 30 or so serialized container records that must undergo a process each day. If the user can enter every serial number in a search field that returns those records the process is more efficient to change the data for all records and print inspection reports of the found group.

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          There are two ways to approach it 1) perform multiple find request search or 2) using a relationship. 


          I suggest using a relationship.  It seems easier to users to type a number then hit return and type another number, rather than typing a number, comma, space and another number.  So just create a global text field so Users can type into it as multiline then create another table occurrence of your table.  Relate them as:


          Your table::global = selfjoin::serial


          You can then display a portal of the related records' container (basing the portal on selfjoin) or you can Go To Related Records [ match only related records ; match current record only) and get related record from selfjoin.  If you must stay with 123, 456 as one line (and want to use a relationship approach) then you will need to create a calculation to convert them to multiline as in first example.


          If you wish to perform a search instead then you will need MiddleWords()  to create multiple find requests (or GetValue() if using multiline .  A multiline relationship would be simplest and probably easier for your Users.