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Search for the next record

Question asked by DranLang on Oct 17, 2013
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Search for the next record


     I'm working on a filter of some sort.  I currently stuck on the search process so I could subtract a value of a field with another value.

     In my table I have Id#, B_Depth, H_Depth, Start, End, and Meters.  If Start = true it will look for the value of H_Depth where the next value of End = True, then subtract it with the value of H_Depth in the current record number.

     Below is how my formula looks like but it's giving me  "?" instead of the actual difference of the two values.

     If(R> 0;

     If(Drilling_Start = "True";GetNthRecord(Hole_Depth; Drilling End="True") - Hole_Depth; 0)))

     I'm sure it's my GetNthRecord that has an error and I don't know how to make it work.