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      Search Form


      I have a layout which is a  stock list for my inventory. It lists all my machines and sorts them by sub-summaries of Category and Colour as follows:

      Category 1

      6 Colour



      5 Colour


      Category 2

      etc. etc.

      What I need to do is create a search form, which is a different layout that only has a list of certain fields (such as Category, Colour, and the other machine data found on the stocklist). Users can then enter their queries into this simple form, and when they press submit, it automatically creates a stock list based on their requirements. For example if they search for a specific category (i.e. Sheet Fed), the resulting stock list will only show machines of that category (still sorted in the original manner).

      Please advise how this can be accomplished. Thanks. 

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          One method is to use global fields to capture the criteria and then use a script attached to the submit button that switches layouts to the desired report layout, uses the fields to build one or more find requests, performs the find, then sorts and displays the result.

          Take a look at the script attached to the find button in this file that you can download:  http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

          It's more elaborate than what you describe and you can use the same basic technique without popping up a floating window if you want, but it does demonstrate using data entered in global fields on a search form to perform a find.