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    search in a portal



      search in a portal


      stupid question:

      i have a portal where i put the following in the filter:

      Document::DocumentName = $$globalsearch

      with this filter the portal will display record only if DocumentName match exactely $$globalsearch

      my question: instaed of the operator = , i want to have something like "containing"

      I mean $$globalsearch could be a word and DocumentName a sentence



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          furthermore, how can i process to highlight the word that i m searching within the filed in the portal

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            Filter with PatternCount ( Document::DocumentName ; $$globalsearch )

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              Highlighting the matching text in Document Name would likely require a custom function that uses recursion to loop through the document name text to find and change the text style of any text that matches.

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                ok PatternCount is working , thanks.


                but in another portal, so other filter i have the following dilema:

                i want to apply a filter like:

                PatternCount ( criteria1 ; table::field2)  operator1
                PatternCount ( criteria2 ; table::field2)

                1st difficulty: criteria1 have the value "DocumentName", so first of all I have to concat another string to have finally Document::DocumentName which is a real field in a table. how can i do this?

                2nd difficulty: operator1 have the value of "AND" or "OR", how could I apply this in my filter?

                hope i was clear


                thank you in advance

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                  1.  I've suggested an answer in your other post.

                  2. You can use either 'and'  or 'or', depending on whether you want the filter to include records that meet both criteria or only one of them.  (Although I think I may have understood this part of the question.)

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                    1. ok


                    2. but how can i do this?

                    gOperator7 is a list box and may contains OR / AND

                    PatternCount ( GlobalFields::gFiled7;  GlobalFields::gCriteria7) & GlobalFields::gOperator7 &
                    PatternCount ( GlobalFields::gFiled8 ;  GlobalFields::gCriteria8)