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    search in portal



      search in portal



      If I created a home page where, thanks to a portal, carry all lists of records in other files, as I search in this portal?

      thanks and hello

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          Yes, you can search in a portal. Try it and see.



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            perhaps the question to me seemed too simple.
            I tried to analyze your answer but I found my solution.

            I wish I could use the search system to FileMaker to search in a portal. I do not want to use a "find."

            is it possible? thanks to the availability


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              Do you mean the "Quick Find" search box in the top right corner of FMP 11? If this is what you are referring to, then yes, you can search portals using this "Quick Find" search box.

              To make sure that the search works, go to View menu > Layout Mode then select a field in the portal then open the Inspector > Data tab, and then select "Include field for Quick Find". Repeat this procedure for every field in the portal that needs to be searchable.



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                thanks for the quick response.

                I tried and I went point by point as I said, but nothing to do!
                a detail that I did not say is: The portal takes the data from another file!

                I hope this is not a problem

                thank you

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                  Go to View Menu > Layout Mode then go to Layout menu > Layout setup > General tab and select "Enable Quick Find".

                  This will enable Quick Find for that layout. If the layout and the portal fields are enabled for Quick Find, then it should work.

                  More information here:





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                    What other file is it taking data from? Another FM file? ODBC? mySQL? a flat file such as a text?

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                      What are the results that you want?

                      If your portal listed


                      and you performed a find for "kiwi", do you want to just see "Kiwi" listed in the portal after the find is performed?

                      If this is what you want and you are using FileMaker 11, let us know and I'll show you how to set up a filtered portal for this. If this is not what you had in mind, or you don't have FileMaker 11, let us know and we'll take a different approach to a solution.

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                        thanks for the support.

                        I have three files fm. "Home" contacts "to do"

                        I would enter the list of "contacts" at home (using the portal) and changing the format, also include a list of "to do".

                        create files like Entourage or Outlook. see and try some lists from my home page.

                        then use the files that are FM, are all the same Macbook.

                        the most important thing is that I do not want to use that, the way is. I wish I could make searches easier.


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                          I'm afraid I can't understand your description of what you want to do here. Nor do am I able to understand the relationships you want to have between the three tables Home, Contacts, To Do.

                          Without a better understanding, there's not much more I can suggest here.

                          Try spelling out step by step with actual values what you want to do and what you want to get as a result.

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                            FMfile01 = home - 0 record
                            FMfile02 = contacts - 2000 records

                            On home-bound to create a portal Contacts.
                            -I now see my contacts on home
                            -I want to search contacts from home (I will not use the format found)

                            only this, I hope to be able to explain.
                            sorry but the English are not very good!



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                              So your relationship is:

                              Home x Contacts? (all records of Contacts are listed in portal).

                              What is the purpose of this portal?

                              Do you know you can create a layout in file01 that provides a list or table view of all records in File02 (Contacts), which can then be searched through a normal find?

                              Please give an example, as I have already requested, of the search you want to perform and how you want the results displayed.