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Search in portal doesn't work with relationship

Question asked by BZ on Mar 4, 2013
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Search in portal doesn't work with relationship



     In de database I'm creating I have a problem.

     I have one main table where each record has an id from where I build a hierarchy. Each hierarchy level is a table containing the different possible values within that level. With an id and parent_id, where the parent_id is in relationship with the value id in the next table (the next hierarchical level). This all works fine.

     Now I've a seperate table containing alternative values including the id of the original value. In the layout based on the main table I created a portal which displays the alternatives available for that records (could be more than one because more values in the hierarchy could have alternatives). To make this work I created a calculation field in the main table which looks up all the values id's within the records hierachy. Also this works how I want is, so it's just to explain how my database is build up. I hope it makes sence.

     Now the problem. I also want to be able to perform a find on an alternative name, so it wil display the record containing the original value of that alternative. When I search within the portal I get the error message:

"This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid."

     Why does this not work, can anyone tell me, where could be the problem ?