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Search in several fields at once

Question asked by Maikel on Feb 3, 2015
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Search in several fields at once


As you can see in the screenshot, I use a show custom dialog to bring up a search on multiple fieldsThis search works well when i'm searching just for one word that corresponds to one of the fields. 

Now my question is; Is it possible to type multiple-word that corresponds to one of the fields "for example".

Search field " *Car* *LM* "
>> Search field 1 >> Car <record1>
>> Search field 2 >> Ford  <record4>
>> Search field 3 >> KLM  <record9>

In this example we assume that the "search fields" are not equal to each other and that the search shall be performed over multiple record.

When the search is as above, the result must show record one and record three as a result.