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Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Jul 24, 2013
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Search layout



     Before explaining, let me tell that I have read some forums about this topic but since I don't have much experience, I am having a hard time implementing what I read.  I have three things that I want to have in my search layout which are ProjectID, AccountID and two date fields which the user will enter dates if he/she wants to search between those dates (I only have one Date field in my table). I want to make a button so if the user wants to search, when clicked on it the new search layout will appear, then user will enter ProjectID AND/OR AccountID AND/OR dates if needed. Dates are not required, it is optional, but a ProjectID OR an AccountID or both are required.  2 buttons will be on the search layout as CANCEL or if any value is entered SEARCH.  

     Can anyone explain this step by step because as I read from other forums, I need to change some fields to global and I don't want to mess with my current database.

     Thanks in advance!