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    Search Multiple fields in Single Find



      Search Multiple fields in Single Find


           Simple Question.

           How can I incorporate into a find request script the following? I would like to enter into a single field a find request that would search other fields for a matching find. i.e. I would like to search at the same time, the company name, the first contact name, and the second contact name, etc.

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               Make your single field a field with global storage. Set up a script similar to those found here: to find your records: Scripted Find Examples

               Since you want records with the specified text in the company name, the first contact name OR the second contact name fields, your script can either create a new request where it uses set field to copy the text from the global field into a different name field before performing the find. Or it can perform a find on the company name field, return to find mode, specfiy this text in the contact name 1 field and then extend the found set...

               Note: if Contact Name 1 and Contact name 2 where a pair of related records in a related table, you need only use one request for searching on the contact names.