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Search of multiple records

Question asked by OlivierMaurin on May 9, 2011
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Search of multiple records



I am trying to search a list of records in my database (not a serie, but entries distributed in the database).

In the Find mode, I can search for several records by clicking on "New Request" and adding in my search as many as I want,  however I wonder is there is a way to import a list of records directly into my search in order to avoid Copy/Paste each entry....

Hope somebody can help

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Hello and thanks PhilModJunk,

sorry if I my question was not clear

What I mean with "list of records" is a list entries (for one single field), so I can extract from the database the infos ( from other fields)  for these records

I attach one screen shots to this post. In the first one I have a list of entries for the field "Collecting Number" in order to extract the "Collecting localisation". 

Is there a way to import from an excel document ( for example) the list of "Collecting Number" directly into my search window without having to type them all.

I am sorry if it sound confusing, 

Thanks and best wishes