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    Search on multiple criteria in one field



      Search on multiple criteria in one field



           I am wondering if there is a way to search my FM database to find if a group of ID numbers are already in my database. For example, I have a list of approx 100 ID numbers and want to paste them all into a search field to find out if they are in my database already or not. Thanks. 

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               A looping script could loop through such a list and find your records: Scripted Find Examples

               But you can also define a relationship matching the field into which you paste your 100 ID numbers to the ID field in your table and this can be used to list these records in a portal or pull them up in a found set. (And the Isempty() function can be used in a script step to determine if any such related records exist.)

               Table1::IDList = Table2::IDField

               Table1 and Table2 can be two Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?--making this a "self join" relationship.

               IsEmpty ( Table2::IDField )

               If evaluated from the context of Table1 will return true only if no ID numbers in IDList match to any records in Table 2.