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    Search Problem



      Search Problem


      Hi Every body,


      I have a problem in my search field. when I attempt to search it pop ups "Before typing, press tab or click in a field, or choose the new record menu command." what is there something wrong in my script?


      Happy Holidays to all!



      Thank you very much.

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             Hard to say without looking at your script. That error message occurs when you have a found set of zero records and then try to edit a record so you might want to check for anything in your script that might produce such a found set.
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               Even with records, if you are in find mode and attempt to type but your cursor isn't in a field, you will get this message.  However, when you enter Find Mode, cursor usually goes to your first field in tab order (which you have set to allow entry in Find through field behavior).  As Phil suggests, more information will help such as 1) How you are performing the find (manually or by script) and 2) are the fields on the layout (required for manual finds).