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    Search Projects by Month



      Search Projects by Month



           I am new in filemaker. 

           I have make a database to save some guitars informations and I would like to search how many guitars I have saved in January, February etc...

           At this time if I search between 1/1/2013 - 1/31/2013 then Filemaker told me: No records match this find criteria but I have saved 8 guitars at January 2013.

           How can I solve this problem?


           I have uploaded my database to dropbox if you want to see the problem


           Sorry for my English, it's no good.

           Thank you in advance

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               The search should be:


               not the hphen but 3 dots

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                 I don't put the hphen, I have two different fields, one for arrival date and one for finishing date.

                 I press the find mode button and then check the dates 1/1/2013 on the arrival date field and 1/31/2013 on the finishing date and then I press the Perform Find button.

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                   doung this you search for records that have arrival date = 1/1/2013 and finishing date = 1/31/2013

                   if you want to search in between just enter:

                   arrival date: ≥1/1/2013

                   finishing date: ≤ 1/31/2013

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                     It appears that you have a date interval and want to know if that date interval "overlaps" the date interval specified by the first and last days of a given month.

                     Note that the following three date intervals overlap the 1/1/2013...1/31/2013 date interval:

                     12/31/2012 ; 1/15/2013 | 2nd date falls between start and end dates
                     1/5/2013 ; 2/20/2013  | 1st date falls between start and end dates
                     12/5/2012 ; 2/5/2013  | 1st date is before start date and 2nd date comes after start date

                     If I have stated the problem accurately, then you need three find requests testing for each of the three different cases. You can enter find mode and generate three find requests--each with different find criteria or you can perform a find for the first case and then return to find mode, specifying different criteria and use extend found set to combine results for each of the remaining two cases.

                     There are also ways to use either a return separated list of dates or a related table of dates to specify a date range that can be used with a relationship to show which records have a date interval that overlaps a specified date range.

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                       Gianandrea Gattinoni, PhilModJunk Thank you so much.

                       It works. Yeah