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Search results omit record

Question asked by singerdf on Nov 14, 2013
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Search results omit record


     I am encountering strange results.  FM pro 11 on a Mac running 10.9.  I have set up a Find in which I ask for a date range and all records in which a field is empty using the = sign.  If I run this Find it leaves out one record.  If I run the same Find in which I put the Date range in the first record add New Request and select omit with the only value that can be in the other field, it returns the right number of records.  

     1.  Find Date Range and Field #2 [=].  Returns 46 records.  Should be 47

     2.  Find Date Range, New Request:  Omit Field #2 [YES].  Returns 47

     To add confusion, I have been testing the same database on another computer running 10.8 and both FM 11 and FM 12 and it runs as would be expected returning 47 records.

     I have looked at the record that does not show up on machine one and cannot see any obvious issues.

     So  my question would be:  FM 11 issue with Mavericks???  

     Any insight or further trouble shooting would be very helpful.