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    Search results omit record



      Search results omit record


           I am encountering strange results.  FM pro 11 on a Mac running 10.9.  I have set up a Find in which I ask for a date range and all records in which a field is empty using the = sign.  If I run this Find it leaves out one record.  If I run the same Find in which I put the Date range in the first record add New Request and select omit with the only value that can be in the other field, it returns the right number of records.  

           1.  Find Date Range and Field #2 [=].  Returns 46 records.  Should be 47

           2.  Find Date Range, New Request:  Omit Field #2 [YES].  Returns 47

           To add confusion, I have been testing the same database on another computer running 10.8 and both FM 11 and FM 12 and it runs as would be expected returning 47 records.

           I have looked at the record that does not show up on machine one and cannot see any obvious issues.

           So  my question would be:  FM 11 issue with Mavericks???  

           Any insight or further trouble shooting would be very helpful.


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               Can you identify the record that is found by 2 and not by 1?

               Could it be that it is a record that falls in the date range and looks like it has an empty field that isn't actually empty?

               A field can look empty but not actually be empty if:

          1.           There is a nonvisible character such as a space, tab or return character in the field
          3.           If the field is formatted with check boxes or radio buttons and there is data in the field that does not match any of the values listed in the value list used for the check boxes or radio buttons. (This can happen when there is data in the field first and then the check box or radio button field is either added or changed.)
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                 Thanks for the quick reply.  The field is a check box.  Only one choice:  yes or it is left blank..q  I will check the value list on the database not working correctly.


                 I will have access over the weekend.



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                   I suggest taking the layout where you see this field and making a copy of the field. Then remove the check box format from the copy. Find the record in question and double click the edit box copy of the field while in browse mode. If there is any text in the field, the double click should highlight a portion of the field even if there is no visible data in it.

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                     I should be able to work on the database tonight.  I will do that as well as side by side comparison of what each database returns.


                     Keep you posted,



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                       Thank you thank you thank you.  I did as you suggested and although there did not appear to be any characters, when I deleted what was there the search worked properly.


                       Now to figure out why my applescript with in a FM script does not run correctly in Mavericks and I will be good to go.