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    Search Results Order



      Search Results Order


      I have created a search field on my database which allows users to search for a particular word on the database, and it will result all the records that match this. However what I want is for the results of the search to be in a particular order. 

      I have many different companies on the database, when a user searches for "iPhone", I want the company which we recommend to purchase iPhones from to appear first on the search results. I am not too sure how to implement this. 

      Any help would be much appreciated. 

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          Use sort records to sort your records into the desired order. If you want a particular record to appear at or near the top of such a list, set a value in a field you include in your sort order such that it sorts to the beginning of the list.

          You can sort on more than one field in a sort records script step so a script can for example sort records so that they are in alphabetical order except for the recommended record appearing before the first non recommended record.