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Search Script Stopped Working

Question asked by senriz_1 on Nov 16, 2009
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Search Script Stopped Working


I'm a novice using FMP9 Adv.  I have a db with a student TO, a school TO, IST Test TO, OPI Test TO, and a CAT Test TO.
Each of the Test TOs have a coordinating Form Layout where data is entered and a  coordinating Report Layout.


I have a script that brings up a new layout called Test Finder for each Test Form Layout where specific criteria is entered and then reported in the Test Report Layout.


One stopped working.  It gives an error that no specified criteria is found.  I've checked everything, the relationship, the layouts in the script, the sort in the script.  Verified everything with an older copy where it does work and can find NO change anywhere.


From an older copy, I've even imported the table, data, made duplicate layouts, scripts, changed layout references, sorts, set up the relationship, etc., and it still won't work.


However, I can create a new record in the test form and the report script works fine for the new data only.


Any assistance would be soooo appreciated.