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Search several fields in one search

Question asked by Maikel on Jan 14, 2015
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Search several fields in one search


To explain my question let me visualize it first

 <field 1>

#Tabel 2                                  #Tabel 3                                #FLUSH
<FK_ID_TABEL1>                <FK_ID_TABEL1>                      <Global1>
<field 2>                                 <field 3>                                             . 


Table 1 is a parent table and tables two and three are child tables linked by a relationship of Table1:ID to FK_ID_TABEL1. 

In my database I call a script whit the function "show custom dialog" to get my input for a search the input field of mij search wil be temporarily stored in  <global1>. 

Now I'm looking for a search method to search field one, two and three if there are results that match the field <global1> the record of # table1 should be visible on a layout (list view) based on #table1. 

In a normal search you eliminate all results that do not match a search. So when I fill in three fields and one of the fields does not match the three fields than the record is eliminated from the search result.
Now I'm looking for a method that the record is still displayed when only one or more fields match the search.