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    Search status



      Search status


      Hi, I'm looking for a simple way to show that the user is currently in search mode.

      I have created a field in the table I want the status to show with the following calculation:


      Get(FoundCount)  = Get(TotalRecordCount);


      "Search Mode"


      I only get a blank field in browse mode both in out out of a search.

      Many thanks for any input.


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          Tommy Fisher:

          Thanks for posting!

          Your calculation is correct, so I suspect that it's storing the result. To change this, go to File-> Manage-> Database and click the options button for your calculation field. In the lower right hand corner, you should see a button named Storage Options that you want to select. Once you're in there, check the check box that says "Do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed". This should resolve your issue and show "Search Mode" in that field whenever you're in a found set.


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            Works a treat! 

            Many thanks