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    Search Using Excel List



      Search Using Excel List


           I'm attempting to develope a layout or script that will allow me to use a list of numbers in excel or word and search for those records in FileMaker. For example, if I have a list of 15 style numbers in Word, how can I perform a search for each style number in FileMaker without typing each in individually? I've tried to do a search of the forum but none of the results are close to what I'm looking for.
           I'm assuming it could be a loop script but I'm not sure how to start. 
           Using FMPro 11 Advanced.

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               How will you get that list of numbers from the other application into FileMaker? There is more than one possibility.

               Once you have that list of numbers in FileMaker, a script can readily find all records with those numbers. A relationship and a script using Go To Related Records might be even simpler and faster.

               But first you have to get the values into FileMaker.

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                 There will be an excel file that will be imported into FileMaker. 

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                   And in what form will your list of numbers be imported?

                   Is each number in a separate row in the excel file or do you have multiple values entered into a single cell?

                   I will assume that you have one row for each number. This will import into FileMaker as one record for each such row of data imported.

                   What do you want to see on your screen once you have imported this data?

                   It's possible that a simple relationship between your table of data imported from excel that matches by this field to your existing data in FileMaker is all that you need to then display the data that you want, but the devil is in the details...

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                     You're right, I'm not doing a good job of explaining in my rush. 

                     Each number will be a separate row in excel. 
                     I've created a "Check Styles" table to import this list and created a relationship with the "Current Records" table based on style number.
                     I did just create a button to go to related records - shown in a new window - using the "show related records" option and it worked great. I think I was making things more complicated than they really were.