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Search via checkbox item behaves unexpectedly

Question asked by JeanneM on Nov 14, 2012
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Search via checkbox item behaves unexpectedly



     I work with primarily three databases which include names and addresses of patrons, etc.


     In all three, I have sometimes have an issue where a certain checkbox search yields unexpected results.


     For example, persons with one item checked, will consistently NOT appear in a search for that check box. In other times, the reverse will happen: persons WITHOUT a particular box checked WILL appear in some searches, when they shouldn't be.


     I have checked the text version of the field and they have not included anything errant...


     In addition, I should mention that I have noticed this kind of thing happens if words of the box option in question are included in other checkbox options. For example, "TAP - I;" will sometimes show up in searches for "TAP - II;" because all the characters from "TAP - I;" are included in "TAP - II;"


     Again, however, this is not always consistent...


     You can see above, for example, that I started to add an "ending symbol" or punctuation at the end of my checkbox entries to assist with less isntances of this, to denote the end of an option's text. It has helped, but not 100%.




     (I should mention I am on FMP 8.)