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Search within dropdown within portal

Question asked by jetserkok on Aug 28, 2014
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Search within dropdown within portal


     Hey all, 

     I've been looking online for an answer on this, but can't seem to find it. 

     I have three tables; 
     1. Incoming
     2. Accounts
     3. Lineitems (a joined table between incoming and accounts)

     I have a portal in a layout based on 'Incoming', which allows me to CREATE records in 'Lineitems'. In that portal i select from a dropdown a value (an account) and then it automatically fills some information about the account. 

     The dropdown has a quite extensive list of accounts, so I would like that the user can enter data in the dropdown, and that at typing each character the dropdown shortens. Is this possible? 

     Another related question; the dropdown is currently the Foreign Key field of the joined table 'lineitems', showing the 'Primary Key' of the 'Accounts' table + a second field, the account name (that seems the only way, because choosing any other field than the connection FK with PK, will not show the related information). Then when selecting is shows the PK (and the related values) but the user doesn't care about the PK. Can I not directly show the account name for example?