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Search, Portal and a 2nd Table

Question asked by TXNewbie on Aug 23, 2014
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Search, Portal and a 2nd Table


     Hi, I have been using FMPro off/on for many years.  I have a decent understanding of related tables and portals.  And I have tried to solve the following on my own, but have not.  So I am appealing to the experts here! :-)  

     I have two tables  (engagements and personnel) linked via a JoinTable.  Each table has a unique key derived from an auto-index #.  When a person in the personnel table and an engagement in the engagements table are associated in the JointTable, the person's name and photo appear in a portal in the engagement layout. 

     I can manually edit the jointable to have any person in the personnel table appear in the Engagement's layout portal.  The idea is to know which employees were involved with each engagement.  Each engagement is unique, but individual employees can be involved in many engagements over time.

     I have a button on the Engagement Layout, near the portal, called "EDIT" and when clicked, this button fetches an alternate layout of the Personnel Table only citing photo, name and title along with a check box to the far left.  The idea is to have a user in the Engagement Layout click the button and simply select from the Personnel database who should /should not be appearing in that specific Engagements list of personnel (employees).

     I am doing this via script but it's not going well.  It's the only aspect of this database I have not been able to solve.   Regarding the relationship between the engagement table, the personnel table and the joint table, I have enabled the engagement table to create/delete records in the joint table. But it's getting the selection mechanism correctly connected to allow dynamic selection of personnel from the personnel table and have that update the joint table in order to appear in the engagement's layout portal of personnel.  That's the challange. 

     Any ideas/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.