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Search-Find a list of names and web publishing problems

Question asked by LM on May 13, 2010
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Search-Find a list of names and web publishing problems


Hi all,

1) I have an excel (or TXT) list of names to search into a DB. Each one could result in more than one row. I need to export all result, is it possibile to do it automatically ? Now I'm doing: search, than I find one or more rows, than I do export in excel. Beacuse namens are more than 1000, can I do a automatic research and obtain result ?


2) I cannot do web publishing with FM pro advanced 11. And cannot let at disposal the DB in a LAN. Each time it says that another occurence is working on this file, as FM Server could be. I don't have FM Server, I have a MAC OSX with regular IP number il my lan. I've done a scan of all port and 5001 and 5003 are open. I also tried without firewall, and I have nothing else in the LAN, except for the router, but this is for go in web. I have had a previous versione of FM 10, but I've deleted it all.


Please... !


Thank you,