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    Search/Select on data in unrelated table.



      Search/Select on data in unrelated table.


           This is probably really easy.  I'm just can't seem to find it in the docs.  I'm building a simple customer survey app.  A customer is selected from a list.  I have a relationship set to the survey table and the survey record is created.  Two of the fields in the survey are "preferred retailer 1" and "preferred retailer 2".   I have a separate table containing the retailers (fields for name, city and state).  I'm hoping to simply put a button next to each that will launch into a search screen that will allow the user to search and select a record from this retailer table. 

           I tried creating a separate layout that displays this data.  However, when I try to view it in browse mode, it simply displays "unrelated" in each of the columns.  So now I'm at a loss.


           And thanks in advance for any clues to put me on the right track.

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               A list of links to basic and advanced FMP info  -  the first five are a good start with database design


               There are two piles of index cards on the floor.

               1 Pile has the info in your first table,  the other pile has the info in your second table.

               Picking up a card from the 2nd pile will only give you info on that card.

               Creating a relationship between the cards by tying yarn to related cards will allow you to

               Pick up a card from the 2nd pile and all the cards tied to it in the firs pile.

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                 I have a complete grasp of relational data.  What I need is a search/select on unrelated data.  The retail data is a table of about 2000 locations (name/city/state).  I can't use a dropdown list for this because I can't do any sort of real searching on that.  I can't seem to use a portal because this appears to be only for related records. 

                 I need to search for a record in the retail list, grab the ID for the selected record and store that ID in the appropriate field on my survey table. 

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                   I'm not sure your grasp is as complete as you think.This sounds like data that SHOULD be linked in a relationship even if it might use the X operator so that your portal lists all retailers in the table in a portal.

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                     Yes.  That's pretty much exactly what I was doing.   The odd thing is that I had an existing layout that I was using to display the lookups.  I had set this up before assigning the table relationship.  After I set the relationship and tried to look at the data in this lookup layout, it was always blank, even though there were 2000+ rows. 

                     I deleted the layout and recreated it, and everything worked fine.  Seems like an oddity to me.  Thanks for the reply.