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Search/Select on data in unrelated table.

Question asked by ruhlanma on Sep 6, 2013
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Search/Select on data in unrelated table.


     This is probably really easy.  I'm just can't seem to find it in the docs.  I'm building a simple customer survey app.  A customer is selected from a list.  I have a relationship set to the survey table and the survey record is created.  Two of the fields in the survey are "preferred retailer 1" and "preferred retailer 2".   I have a separate table containing the retailers (fields for name, city and state).  I'm hoping to simply put a button next to each that will launch into a search screen that will allow the user to search and select a record from this retailer table. 

     I tried creating a separate layout that displays this data.  However, when I try to view it in browse mode, it simply displays "unrelated" in each of the columns.  So now I'm at a loss.


     And thanks in advance for any clues to put me on the right track.