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Searchable date field by month/year

Question asked by PeterPitt on Aug 7, 2013
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Searchable date field by month/year



     I'm a bit stumped by this so hope someone can help.  I have a date field called Chase Month that looks up an existing date field and automatically adds on 60 days (2 months) in order for users to see when they may need to send a follow up letter.  To do this I've used:

     MonthName (GetAsText (date+60))

     This calculation works fine but I'd like to display the result with both the month and the year, although NOT the day.  Eg. 01/08/2013 should display in the field as August 2013. I'm only seeing the month using the above expression.  The current setting is to display the calculation result as Text.

     Additionally I would like the Chase Month field to be searchable as Text so that users can search for results by particular months/years rather than specific dd/mm/yyyy results.  Eg.Create a Find in the field for 'August 2013' to display all records for that month irrelevant of day.

     Any suggesitons on how to tackle this?

     Many thanks