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Searching a FMP 8 database with information from .csv or .xls file

Question asked by fogharty on Oct 28, 2010
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Searching a FMP 8 database with information from .csv or .xls file


I am still working, unfortunately in FMP 8. I have a database of 1000+ publications that we produce. Some of those publications will require additional editing before they can be reprinted. So I have made a field on the record layout that is labeled "Correction" and has a drop down value list of either "Yes" or "blank." Each record also has an "Item Number" field.

Once a month we get the reprint list as an .xlsx file.  Ideally, I would like to take the information from the Item Number column in the reprint list (say, 50 items) and do a search of the FMP database and have the result show only the ones that have the Corrections field set to "Yes."

Is this possible? Do I have to make some kind of script? I could do a search of each item one at a time, but it would be much more efficient to search all 50 items at once to find the 8 that will have to be flagged.

So I want to search the database with the xls file, matching up the Item Number, then only showing those matching records where the Corrections is set to "Yes."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.