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Searching a text string

Question asked by RGoyette on Sep 12, 2011
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Searching a text string


This is related to my unicode question, which did not produce much traffic.


Lets say I have thirty records, each containing a text field named TITLE.  Sometimes TITLE contains a unicode character which is entered in the form, for example, like " −".  TITLE can contain more than one unicode character.  I can use Char(8722) to display the unicode character.  So what I need to do is search TITLE for all the places that &# occurs, and for each occurance get the contents between the &# and the ; (the numbers inbetween the two) and then replace the #&8722; with Char(8722).  I need to perform this search and replace on the contents of TITLE for each of the thirty records.  Can anyone suggest an elegent solution?