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    Searching and Sorting Portal Found Records



      Searching and Sorting Portal Found Records


           I have a request I am trying to figure out.  What I have is a Portal window with 3 fields populated by special criteria.

           The criteria is based on training courses taken by Employees and the ones who show up are due for training. This is automatic and there is nothing wrong with how this all works.  See the image below: 

           What I want to do is to add a field next to FILTER BY GROUP that also allows FILTER BY JOB ROLE from the found set in the portal.

           From the image posted, I would like to just show FAC Helper Utility, if that is what I select and all the Job Roles with this description are filtered and shown.

           The names not shown cannot disappear, they must be able to be found if the filters are changes to say.. Show All.

           Pointers Greatly Appreciated!




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               What is the relationship you use for this portal? What are the match fields and operator (= ; X ; ...) that you use?

               What poratl filter expression, if any, are you using?

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                  Structure is as follows

                 Layout shows records from CLASSES .. the purpose being to enroll students into the various classes they are eligable for.

                 The Portal takes information from COURSES_PERSONEL_FILTER




                 The FILTER BY GROUP Field displays data from:


                 I would like to create a similar button for Job Role whereby, when activated, you could show ONLY results in the JobRole selected from a pulldown window for that specific job role.

                 The Relationship Occurance Graph is:


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                        Layout shows records from CLASSES ..

                   I think you mean that the layout shows records from Courses.... wink

                   You would appear to have this relationship:

                   Courses::_pkkey = Courses_Personnel_filter::Display AND
                   Courses::_gFilter = Courses_Personnel_filter::Filter

                   Which would define a filtered Relationship rather than a filtered portal. (Which can be the better way to go here.)

                   If that is correct, you can produce the desired results by adding another match field for the Job Role:

                   Courses::_pkkey = Courses_Personnel_filter::Display AND
                   Courses::_gFilter = Courses_Personnel_filter::Filter AND
                   Courses::_gJobRole = Courses_Personnel_filter::Job Role

                   But note that you will not see any records in your portal until you select values in both the _gFilter and _gJobRole fields. You may need to change to a filtered portal with a more sophisticated filter expression if that doesn't produce the results you want. (Such as if you want an option to show all job roles instead of always a single job role...)



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                      This sounds optimal, thanks.  It is obvious now but for some reason, I had a mental block before.

                     Currently, the request is to show only the specific _gFilter and the new JobRole filter with no concern for the rest.  This is fine with me if that is what they want.  A more sophisticated enhancement, if requested, can be added later.

                     Thanks again!  You are an invaluable resource.