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Searching and Sorting Portal Found Records

Question asked by ArtL on Nov 28, 2013
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Searching and Sorting Portal Found Records


     I have a request I am trying to figure out.  What I have is a Portal window with 3 fields populated by special criteria.

     The criteria is based on training courses taken by Employees and the ones who show up are due for training. This is automatic and there is nothing wrong with how this all works.  See the image below: 

     What I want to do is to add a field next to FILTER BY GROUP that also allows FILTER BY JOB ROLE from the found set in the portal.

     From the image posted, I would like to just show FAC Helper Utility, if that is what I select and all the Job Roles with this description are filtered and shown.

     The names not shown cannot disappear, they must be able to be found if the filters are changes to say.. Show All.

     Pointers Greatly Appreciated!