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    searching between related tables?



      searching between related tables?


      Is there a way to search a field in find mode and have the results appear in the related tables?


      For example:

      I got to find mode and seach by name in the "student name field"

      I want all the records that include this particular name to appear even though they may be in different tables

      I have related the tables through the student name field


      Is there any way to make all records appear through one find search even though the records are held in different tables? Is there any way to search for than one table at a time?


      Thank you,


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          First of all, it is a really bad idea to use the student name to relate the tables. What if the student name changes, or was previously mistyped and is corrected, or is the same as somone else. All these scenarios will cause you many problems.


          Second, while you can find all the related records from each related table, it is not easy to display all of these found records on one layout. One way I have done it in the past is to create a layout with portals showing related records from each table. The user simply switches to the special layout and can see related records from every table. Would that work for you?