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Searching by Fiscal Year

Question asked by Atkins on Oct 30, 2012
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Searching by Fiscal Year



     I'm trying to create a report that searches by fiscal year and shows items that have a date in that range.  The "date" field is a calculation field based on other fields related to the record, and it's working well.  Because I'm searching by fiscal year, I know the beginning and end dates, and I want the user to give a single input as to what fiscal year they want to search.

     For instance:  I have a pop-up that asks, "what fiscal year would you like to search?" and prompt them to put in a 4-digit year.  If they input 2012 then I want to search the date range for 9/1/2012 to 8/31/2013.  I've tried several different iteration of calculations and scripts to try and make this work and am just not having any luck.  I also read a post that said to use a 'set field' script and put in a date range using the "..." operator, but I can't set the field I want to search because it's a calculation field and is not editable.  Maybe this is the root of my problem?

     Any feedback would be appreciated.  I think I need help with the logic as much as the actual scripting.  How do I get a year entry (2012) into a date range of 9/1/2012 to 8/31/2012 in my script?  And then how do I search my records using that info?