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    Searching Container Fields



      Searching Container Fields


           I'm using FM12.

           A coworker menioned to me that she believed it was possible to search the (text) contents of files contained in a container field.

           I do not quite understand how this would be accomplished, but I wanted to verify as I am new to this version of FM.


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               Say your container field is named "Image".

               Define a calculation field with this expression:


               Select Text as the return type.

               You can now search the contents of this calculation field to find records based on the text stored in the Image field.

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                 Your answer helps me with another issue, but doesn't quite get me where I need to be.

                 Using Automator, I've created an application that will extract the text from documents.

                 I'm obviously very new at this, but how do I execute that application via FM scripting?

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                   What is automator?

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                     Automator is a simple application creation tool in the MAC environment.  It allows a user to direct (specific) applications to perform simple tasks.  The action list is then saved as an APP.

                     So essentially, I just need instructions on how I can execute an APP from FM.

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                       I'm not a mac user. I would guess that automater may be generating an applescript, but that's just a guess. From FileMaker, the send event script step can be used to open a file. This may work for a file created by automator, but others would need to confirm that.

                       It's often possible to get what you need done fully within FileMaker scripting and not need a system level script or macro to get the job done. This can be both simpler and create a solution that works equally well on mac and windows systems.