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Searching for dates using date fields

Question asked by billg999 on Sep 19, 2012
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Searching for dates using date fields



     I have a customer with a small business application. One of his requirements is a weekly sales report, products in columns, customers in rows, showing total weekly quantities, we then export this to a spreadsheet for his accountant to use.

     Problem: I have set up a dropdown calender to select the report week, and a pair of variables, $$Date1 and $$Date2where $$date1 is directly from the calender, and $$Date2 = $$date1+7. (In the absence of more info I assume that this would give me a 1 week window)  Now, how do I set up the search criteria sothat the system will recognise the variables as search limits? According to the help system these criteria can only be direct text, but I would think that my requirement is a very common one, which should have a reasonably elegant solution.