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    searching for multiple criteria



      searching for multiple criteria


      Is there anyway to perform an OR search for 2 values in one field and in one find request?


      When I enter find mode I can search for one number in one field but I would like to search for either of two numbers. 


      If I enter find mode and

      set field A = 14 or 20

      perform find


      the search does not work?


      I can perform this search by using multiple search requests but if possible I would like to avoid that.


      I'm using FMPAdv8.5v2 on mac OS 10.5.6


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          OR searches in FileMaker Pro are done using multiple requests.


          Get into Find mode and enter the first number into the field.

          Then create a new request (Ctrl/Cmd-N).

          Enter the second number into that request.

          Then perform the find.


          FileMaker Pro finds any records that match either the first request OR the second request.


          If you are scripting this:


          Enter Find Mode [ ]

          Set Field [numberfield; 14]

          New Record/Request

          Set Field [numberfield; 20]

          Perform Find [ ]


          Why would you like to avoid multiple find requests? it is the only way to do it! 

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            Thanks David, If that is the only way to do or searching in file maker I can work with that.


            I need to perform OR searches on two fields (4 new requests) then that process repeated for 14 more pairs of fields.  Any records that show up in all 15 searches (59 new requests) would be the ones of interest.


            If there was an option to put two values into the one search field then it would only take 1.



            Thank you


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              Thank you for your post.


              If you put information into the same find request, it will search for ALL (not some) occurrences in that find request.   If you enter information into a second find request, then FileMaker will find all records that meet the criteria in either find request.


              If you are looking for data in 60 search requests, you may want to put that into a script.  That way, you can call the script and it will find the records. 



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