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Searching for multiple parameters within a field

Question asked by hwminc on Mar 10, 2015
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Searching for multiple parameters within a field


Greetings Filemaker Forum!

So I currently have a database that has a ton of functionality but I'm at that point where some tweaking is in order with regard to how one of my list compilations is functioning. In my database I have a layout that searches for several different criteria using global fields. The search currently covers a 'Task List' which will yield a list of all the completed tasks for a specific document. What I am looking to do is to include a search that will also give me any 'notes' from the Notes table and include those notes where a keyword shows up. the problem i am having now is that while the 'g_Notes' field will include those notes where a specific keyword shows up, the list that is created will only show the very first note, when what I need are all the notes where that specific keyword shows up. Essentially, the layout currently searches for parameters in both the 'Task List' and the 'Notes' and because both of these tables are linked to the 'Media Contacts' table, I'm trying to figure out how to get all the notes to show up in the final report :-)