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Searching for ranges of dates in different formats

Question asked by Brin on Aug 3, 2009
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Searching for ranges of dates in different formats


I am a UK FileMaker newbie playing with the trial version of FMP10 for use as a databse for a church archive going back to 1850. Documents and sources within the archive are sometimes fully dated (dd/mmm/yyyy), sometimes only the month and year is known (mmm/yyyy) and sometimes only the year is known (yyyy). The archive needs to be searchable by reference to dates in any of these formats (though I appreciate you can't mix them) as well as by text/keywords. So my thought was to have three separate date fields, in the hope that I could devise a form of query that would search,e.g., for records on a keyword topic "between 1 Jan 1900 and 31 Dec 1932 OR between Jan 1900 and Dec 1932 OR between 1900 and 1932". However, FMP is not letting me set date-formatting options allowing the entry of a date in a field as only a month and year, or only a year.

Does this sound like a difficulty that anyone else has encountered ?

I have not yet started trying to write scripts or calculation fields but am willing to have a go if anyone can tell me that it is within novice capability by following instructions !