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    Searching for records with multiple entries in one field



      Searching for records with multiple entries in one field


      I've got more questions concerning my database; here's a brief summary about it (if you don't recall/ didn't read my earlier posts....)


      The database is a list of species; species name is one field, and in another, related tables, is a field called "geography" that lists all of the locations where that species occurs.  How can I search for all of the species that meet a specific criteria: for example, I want to print a list of all the species that have these two specific entries into the geography field: North America and South America.  I know that I can put my layout into find mode and type in "North America" into the geography field; this brings up too many entries, however: I don't want to see all of the species found in just North America, or North America and Africa, for example.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Pull down the View menu and select "Find Mode".  In your Geography field, type in "North South" (this will take care of North America and South America, provided you don't have any other locations with "North" or "South" listed).  If you want to omit the other locations (assuming Africa, Asia, etc.), pull down the Requests menu and select "Add New Request".  Enter "Africa" into the Geography field and click the "Omit" button in the Status bar.  Repeat the same steps for the other locations.  When finished, press return, and you will only find those records that have North America and South America in the Geography field.



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