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    Searching for variables



      Searching for variables


      Dear Wizards,
      I have FMP-13, not Advanced.  Where in my version of this app can I go to view (edit too?) my $$variables?




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          You cannot directly edit variables there are only two ways to modify the value of a variable:

          The Set Variable script step and the Let function.

          If you want to directly edit a value on a layout, you have to use a field. To use that method to modify the value of a variable, you'd have to put a field on the layout, copy the value of the variable to it, edit it and use a script to copy the value back to it.

          And to review the value of variables without using FileMaker Advanced's data viewer, you'd have to put merge variables on a layout. If you have a global variable named $$GlobaVariable, you can put this layout text on your layout:


          Note that this is the same format that you would use for a merge field, but with the name of a variable in place of a reference to a field.

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            Okay, I misstated my question.  I've gotten sloppy in my design and short of going through all of my scripts (guessing now that the pros have a notebook of their scripts...) I just wanted to find out what $$variable names I've used.  Is there a place that has that list?  I DO understand that I won't be able to make modifications to those variable within the list (if one exists).
            Thank you all for your patience.


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              That's not something you can do. We "Pros" should be using FileMaker Advanced where we can use both a Database Design report and third part produced tools such as Base Elements to track this and many other design elements.

              Note: even a database design report does not just provide a place where all such variables are listed in a table--though that would be a nice new feature, the the data is there to be searched out in more cumbersome fashion if the need arises.