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Searching in related table from a Parent layout

Question asked by gmfischer on Oct 11, 2014
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Searching in related table from a Parent layout


I have a main menu with Drop Down Lists, The Value list comes directly from one of the related tables field, in this case a Manual Number, In that related table are two fields a Manual Number and a URL link to a Web Page to the manual. The intention is you go to the main menu in the parent table layout select from a list of manuals and have it open that URL in a web page. The problem is when i do this the URL ends up empty or I get error no record found depending how I write the script. I keep trying different way to write the script with no luck. Is it possible to do this? am I missing something simple, or do I not understand relationships between tables

Please Note - In the parent table I have Products the have Manual Fields that relate to the Manual Table,  (fields are Parts Manuals, Operation Manuals, etc... and they related to the Manuals Numbers in the Manual Table.