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Searching in reports with sub summaries

Question asked by user14360 on Nov 28, 2009
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Searching in reports with sub summaries




I'm using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on Mac OS X, new to intermediate developer.


In a report with sub summary parts, I'm wondering if it's possible to search within the subsummary part headings.  It seems that it's only possible to search via a field in the body section of the report.  Therefore if I want to search just for values in a field that is in one of my subsummaries (for example, I want to show only the people who are in a particular group, and the name of the group is in a subsummary heading field), I have to also include that group field in the body, which of course looks messy.  To get around this, I've been including the field in the body, making it invisible and doing the searching via a script so no user has to actually find the field and do the search themselves.


It's all a bit cumbersome though.  Am I missing something?