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Searching in text fields - more precision

Question asked by Brin on Jul 19, 2010
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Searching in text fields - more precision


Using FMP 10.1..... We use our database, among other purposes, for catloguing our organisation's past newspapers, with one Record per issue. In a Details text field, we have one paragraph summarising the articles in each issue, followed by another para headed "Photos" listing the main photos of interest. If we want to search for any issue that contained a photo of Oxford, typing "Photos AND Oxford" in the Details field under Find will return those issues - but it will also return issues where there was an article about Oxford but no photo of Oxford. Is there any clever way of defining the second search term (Oxford) as "Return only if it occurs after the first search term" (Photos) ?  

The database is already large and it is too late to change its design...