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Searching multiple fields with a dialog box

Question asked by cashdollar on Jul 10, 2011
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Searching multiple fields with a dialog box


Still operating above my skill level with Filemaker.

I've put together a database with a list of interpreters (contact info, languages, other employee info), list of Vendors (with contact and billing info), Appointment (which pulls together info from the other tables, as well as scheduling info), and a calendar to visually map it all out.

Most of it's done, but right now I'm looking to search for all speakers of a particular language to schedule interpreting appointments. I'm thinking of creating a separate layout called "Language Search". It will be based on info in the"Interpreters"layout/table. In the Interpreters layout I have 10 pulldown fields under a tab labeled "Languages". The Languages field draw from a common "Value List" with all of our available languages. Many of our interpreters speak multiple languages, so they could have up to 10 languages that they speak. Because we offer more than 40 languages any particular language could be listed in anyone of the 10 fields.

When we get a request for a particular language, I'd like to enter a layout and be prompted to type in a language name (or select it from a pull down menu) and have it return the name, phone, email of all of the interpreters that speak that language. That language could be in any of the 10 language fields for the particular employee. 

I'm assuming I need a script to pull this off, and they're still kinda kicking my a**. I'm able to edit and tweak, but I can still only write basic scripts, without screwing thing up.

I hope I've made my need clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!