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    Searching Multiple Serial Numbers



      Searching Multiple Serial Numbers


      I apologize in advance for what is probably a very simple question --but I've been searching the forum and can't find an answer to it.


      I'm working with a database in FM 6 (I work for a poor nonprofit, no upgrading funds...) and am a newcomer to databases. I've created a field for unique serial numbers (after much help on this forum, thank you!). 


      However, my problem comes when I'm trying to retrieve records searching in the serial number field. Right now, it will only find records if I type in the exact serial number. But I want to be able to type in just a few numbers and retrieve the range of them.


      (For example, if I wanted a particular record and I only remember that the last two digits are 78, I'd like to retrieve all the records that end in 78 and be able to just manually look through them). Someone described this with "apples" --if you type in "apples" you get back "granny smith apples" and "redapples". I just want this function with numbers. 


      Is there some way of defining the field or the find terms to do this? Or do I need to create a script (something I haven't done yet)? 





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          You have several "wild card" operators you can use once you learn how they work.


          * , for example is a wildcard that stands for "any number of characters, don't care what they are".


          If you enter *78 to use your example, you can find all records where the field ends in the digits 78.


          Searching on the serial ID seems to be a strange sort of search. Shouldn't you be searching more meaningful fields than just a serial number?

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            Thanks! We do have a lot of other fields to search in, but the serial number is a good reference as we have a unique number for every photo we are storing in this database (I work in documentary film). The serial number acts as an ID and so it's an easy way to refer to and find one specific photo in what will probably be tens of thousands. I guess I'm lazy because sometimes I don't want to have to type in the whole number every single time, and I was hoping there was a setting I could use to get multiple results based on partial information... probably because that's how I use google.


            Anyway, thanks for your help!