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    Searching Multiple Tables



      Searching Multiple Tables


        (New user for Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced)   

      Can a search (actually a "Find") be done on multiple tables in a file ?  I will

      have a large database for many cemeteries.  I think it would be desirable to have

      each cemetery have it's own table.  However if I was given a name and asked to find

      where the deceased is buried, could I do a "Find" on all the tables ?  I imagine that

      the answer is no and that I should have just one very large table.

          Also, could I merge two tables if I wanted to.  The tables would all have identical

      field names.

          Please advise.



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          OK, the answer is no - it is not desirable to have each cemetery in its own table.


          You need one table for cemeteries and another for those interred. Each person is related to a cemetery (since they can only be in one place) using a unique serial number from the cemetery record.


          Do you need help setting this up? 

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            Dear David:

                  Thank you very much for your help.  I think you are also the one

             who answered my "Tables vs Files (with tables)" question earlier.

                  I am trying to create a database for veterans buried in my county.

             There are some 90 cemeteries.  A few of the cemeteries are large

             but most are quite small.

                  I may contact you in the future for some consulting as the need

             arises if that is OK.

                  Thanks again..... Sincerely, Larry