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Searching only most recent related records

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Apr 25, 2014
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Searching only most recent related records


     I've been pecking at this for a while.  I have a table of employees with their schedule, location, name, email etc.  Additionally, I have a table related by an id that has their current projects.  This table is historic so there is a one to many relationship of Employees to History.

     I am wanting to search for only the most recent project.  As it stands, when I do a search, it returns all the people who have ever done that project rather than just ones who are currently on it.

     In the layout it has a popover (FM 13 btw) that shows the history.  So, I do want to have the history viewable in this layout but I want to be able to search for a list of employees currently on a project.