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Searching Portal Question

Question asked by user14040 on Oct 6, 2010
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Searching Portal Question




I and trying to search the portal by entering the month number but if I put in 7 (for July) it still list all months, but if I enter 8 it will only show me the month of August entries so i guess something is wrong.

 On this layout the main table is Investigator and the portal is set for Glassware.  I have a field named SearchByMonth that uses a calculation [Month ( Date )] from glassware table, it turns the dates into a month number.   Is it possible to just list the month entries in a portal? 


I also need to print this out as a ticket, is it possible to print what is listed below but also print everything in the portal, most of the time the data will not show in the port so I will need to also print the portal contains.


glassware ticket