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Searching records and omitting invalids

Question asked by malibux14x on Jul 21, 2014
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Searching records and omitting invalids


     Hey there.

     i am trying to set up a scrip that checks once a day all the records where i need to pay commissions.

     idealy, id like to set it up to where when i enter the layout (invoices) it runs through script trigger to:

     -search all invoices for anything that was shipped 17 days ago

     -put an "x" in the "commissions paid" field

     -have a box pop up that says "Its been 2 weeks since we shipped these Media Cubes" or whatever

     -but ignore anything that already has an "x" in the "commissions paid" field from previous searches.


     Im attaching a screen shot of the script that i had thus far.


     I know the second "else if" is where the problem lies.  if it sees an "x" it just exits the search.  i tried putting "omit multiple records if..." but that still didnt work.


     any thoughts on how to get this?