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Searching records based on fields (via check box)

Question asked by MartinKim on May 16, 2014
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Searching records based on fields (via check box)



     I am trying to create a db where you can search for certain records based on the existing fields (Title, Author, and Keywords). I have written a script that can look for one field only, and it works. But I would like to incorporate the check box and enable the user to search for records using one or more fields by using the check box. 
     ...But this is where I am stuck. 
     I created a gSearchField that takes in the input value that searches for one field. But I do not know how to include more than one fields using the check box. 
     Below is the design of my database so far.

     Also, is there a way of doing search by hitting the enter button? Whenever I hit enter, it does not do the search but expands the search box instead. So I have to just click out of the box in order to see the results.

     Thanks a lot!